How Mink Eyelashes are better Than Other Types of Eyelashes?

Eyelash extensions have been in use for a long time. False eyelashes make your lashes look fuller, thicker, and perfectly curly to make your eyes look impressive. Different kinds of materials are used to produce eyelash extensions. Many producers use synthetic materials, but eyelashes made of mink, faux, and silk are considered the best for long-lasting usage. Mink, faux, and silk are the most popular materials used for making false eyelashes. Women choose these materials because they want their eyelash extensions to be lighter and durable.

Many experts advise their clients to put on mink eyelashes. Mink is considered the best eyelash extension material for many reasons. Continue reading to know why Mink is the best:

Where do mink lashes come from?

mink fur

Mink eyelashes are the first choice of clients who seek extremely natural look. As the name suggests, mink eyelashes are made of mink fur. The producers obtain mink tail hair to create these false eyelash extensions because synthetic material cannot provide the quality required for making extremely natural-looking eyelashes.

Genuine mink lashes are made of fur obtained from the tail of either Siberian or Chinese mink. It is quite lightweight, flexible, and fluffy. You can expect real mink lashes to last much longer than silk or faux eyelashes. Although it will be a little expensive, you can expect it to last for the next 6-8 weeks until your natural eyelashes grow.

What are faux mink lashes made of?

Some may argue that faux mink eyelashes are more popular, but the fact is that artists love this type of lash extensions. These are poly-fiber eyelashes which you can get in many lengths, curls, and diameters. This type’s eyelashes look quite natural and their flexibility makes them a perfect choice for creating impressive eyes.

faux mink

Women choose mink faux eyelash extensions when they cannot get eyelashes made of real mink fur. These are low maintenance lash extensions that come with permanent curls. That’s why most of the clients and makeup artists love to apply faux mink eyelashes. Yes, faux mink eyelashes also cheaper than real mink eyelashes. However, real mink eyelashes look more natural and last much longer.

Silk eyelash extensions:

Although mink, faux mink, and silk, all three are light, silk eyelashes are up to 30% heavier than real mink eyelashes. Silk lashes are much finer and therefore more flexible in comparison to other synthetic materials. It is a perfect choice for you if you have weak and flimsy eyelashes. You will get a much fuller look of your natural lashes.

You can get silk in many lengths and curls. Although silk can hold its curl for a long time, you may not get uniform curl of eyelashes. You will have to maintain them daily in order to maintain that natural eyelashes-like appeal. You will not find it a very comfortable choice and that’s why you should use the silk eyelash extensions on some special occasions.

Which one should I pick?

It is a bit daunting to select between the real mink, faux mink, and silk eyelashes. However, you should pick faux mink eyelashes if you want natural and lightweight eyelashes which are also affordable. Silk eyelashes are great for occasional usage. Do not buy silk eyelashes if you want to put them on for a long time because it will irritate your eyes.

The real mink eyelashes are designed to imitate your natural eyelashes. As mentioned earlier, mink fur is flexible, more durable, and lighter than fox mink and silk as an eyelash material. You should go with mink if you don’t want people to know that you are using false eyelashes.

Where to buy mink lashes in store?

Real mink eyelashes are quite feature-rich, but buying them is not as easy as buying a pair of synthetic eyelashes. Many beginners do not know how to recognize this type of eyelashes. Therefore, it is better to trust the most trusted online stores for buying mink eyelashes.

Many websites sell eyelash extensions. We recommend you go to Ace Lashes to buy the mink lashes with wholesale price! Although all of them are not quite reliable, you can easily pick some platforms with great reviews. You can also expect to buy these durable and natural-looking eyelashes at a more affordable price than local cosmetic stores or salons.