3D mink lashes: how is it different from mink lashes?

Of course, you should not be changing yourself for anyone or fake some characteristics of yours just to blend in or be appreciated. But a bit of makeup here and there will never do you any harm if that is something you desire or feel the need of. And one of the beauty statements doing the rounds are lashes, rather fake lashes. If you have recently felt the need of making your lashes a bit fluffier and thicker, you have surely done some rounds of the market and surely have known by now that there is more than one single type of fake lashes available. But the point is how do you know which one is desirable for your eyes, suits your face and shape of eyes and so on. Well, fret not as this is the article that deals with any and every question that may come to your mind regarding the differences between the lashes. So buckle up and read along:

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What are 3D mink lashes?

3D lashes made from mink fur are the newest of the trends doing the rounds. But what are these 3D lashes? Well, they are the mink lashes but what distinguishes them is the layered structure that makes them look fluffier and fuller. They do not lie flat and rather hold the curls for much longer than other false lashes. They are quite luxurious and of course, look very pretty. When they had made their debut in the makeup world, they were pretty costly. Some of the celebrities wore it. Jennifer Lopez was one of the first of them to try these lashes on. She looked gorgeous and hence prepared a good forthcoming market for these lashes. Another distinguishing feature of the 3D mink lashes is that with their layered hair growths they are quite noticeable and give your eyes a voluminous look.

How 3D mink are lashes different from regular lashes?

3d mink lashes

If you are already an owner of fake lashes or maybe are considering the idea of buying some recently, you have most certainly done some research work, you do not want to take risks with delicate body parts of yours such as eyes and such. So, you are of course well versed with the kinds of lashes that one could come across in the markets. You would know there are three types of them- synthetic eyelashes, mink eyelashes, and 3D mink eyelashes. Well one very natural difference between them is that the synthetic ones are artificial while the other two are made from actual fur of the animal mink. But that is not enough for you to decide which one you want right?! So here is a detailed description of the kind of ways in which they are different from each other.

  • Synthetic eyelashes:

Fake lashes are available everywhere. So if you buy them from some local store, in most probabilities, they are synthetic lashes. They are not necessarily bad, but they make your appearance look false, which is the last of the last things you would want. Neither are they very soft or smooth, rather they are coarse strands of hairs that have blunt ends and remain stiff on your eyelids that make it obvious to others that they are fake ones. Also, they are quite shiny, another characteristic that would give them away, and they also do not have much longevity. However, they are quite cheap and hence would be a good option if you are to try them on only occasionally.

  • Mink lashes:

These lashes are way more natural and fluffier than synthetic eyelashes. They are made of real fur off minks and go with the natural texture of your eyelashes. They are quite versatile and hence fit your eye curvature as perfectly as they would fit any and every occasion and makeup that you wear with them. They are everything that the synthetic lashes are not. They are smooth and soft and natural, are not shiny hence do not make your outlook look fake or false. They of course, however, are quite expensive, but not without good reason. They can also be used for quite a long time provided you use them with care.

mink lashes

  • 3D mink lashes:

These lashes, as the name suggests are three dimensional that is they have a layered structure containing mixed strands of short and long hairs. They hence give yet more of a voluminous appearance to your lashes while at the same time keeping their natural texture. All other characteristics of theirs are the same as mink lashes only. They are yet more expensive though and with good reason too.

So there you have it, a detailed guide for you to decide which kind of lashes you choose for your eyes. However, one thing that is quite important and must be taken proper care of is the fact that you must take good care of the lashes you buy, irrespective of the fact that which one you buy.