Eyelash extensions using guide for beginners

Enhancing the overall attractiveness of eyes is an expectation of almost every woman. If you have a crush on the attention-grabbing things associated with the eye makeup at this time, then you can directly explore the best collection of products designed for beautifying eyes. Many brands of attractive eyelash extensions are available on the market at this time. Once you have decided to buy the first-class eyelash extensions and use them in the best possible way, you can focus on how to use such things. This is because a proper application of eyelash extensions only gives the desired result. You can focus on the following details and get an overview regarding how to apply eyelash extensions as convenient as possible.

Easy-to-follow method For beginners of Eyelash extensions

Easy-to-follow method For beginners of Eyelash extensions

Applying eye patches is the first step in the eyelash extensions application procedure:

  • Apply the lint-free eye patches below the eye and avoid inserting the sticker nearby the eye.
  • Position the sticker over the lower part of the natural lashes approximately 3 to 4mm from the lower eye lash line.
  • check lids from under to ensure upper and reduce lids type by a seal devoid of any gap.

It is the suitable time to choose the individual lash extensions. This is worthwhile to use at least three various lengths of eye lash extensions range from 8 to 14mm in length especially mink or feather lashes. You can prefer 8mm lash extensions to apply within the internal corners from your eyes. This simple approach assists you to avoid an artificial clown like appearance.

Use lash extensions between 8 and 14mm in length throughout the eye to produce the thick lash line as expected. Finer eyelash extensions develop the natural look further. You can opt for 0.15mm thickness of B and C curly eye lash extensions to get the best result at the end.

Use the best lash extensions

You may think about how to quickly choose lash extensions. You can spread lashes out in the vinyl pad and select appropriate lashes without delay and complexity. Do not forget to orient extension in an effective way in the tweezers and ensure that extensions oriented at 90 degrees angle to the straight tweezers for correct as well as rapid lash extension application. You can hold the extension from its tapered end and dip the extensions into the adhesive. If you require the long-lasting eyelash extensions, then you have to choose and use the suitable adhesive. You must ensure that you apply ample adhesive with the extension’s base and swipe off additional glue before applying the lashes.

Now, you have to use the curved tweezers to isolate the natural lashes. You can keep the eyelash extension from its tapered finish and properly swipe such extension together the natural lash by using the adhesive from the base to tip devoid of any gape in the glue. This is advisable to spread the eyelash adhesive until it smooth.

Eyelash application

Eyelash application

The next step is to set the eyelash application. If you are swiping the normal lash by using enough glue to coat it, then you can set the extension on your natural lash about one mm from the eyelid. You have to release all the individual lash extension onto the regular lash. The lash must be facing upward and also parallel to the other lashes without glue. Once you have applied the extension, do not touch it. You can move on to nearby region or reverse the eye to repeat the implementation of extensions until it gets too difficult to isolate organic lashes.

Bear in mind that no normal lashes or lash extensions stick with each other. You use the two sets of lash tweezers and separate the extensions which may stick together. You can grasp and separate all extensions in the horizontal method regardless of the dryness of the adhesive. Do not pull in the vertical route or area rigidity on the natural lashes.

Repeat both application and separation until each natural lash is bonded to the individual lash extension. Once all applied lash extensions are bonded in the perfect way, you have to let it to dry between 3 to 5 minutes. You can mist with the distilled water and dry again for 5 minutes. You can carry out a single and last round of separation.