Everything you need to know about a couple of rings

The couple ring is also called a promise ring. It represents the love between a couple for each-other. The ring symbolizes the commitment of love and it can be given any time. There are many styles of this ring are available in the market. The styles range from an ornate diamond ring to yellow gold knot rings. A person should always choose a different and personal style of ring which shows a unique love story.

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There are many more things which you should know about a couple of ring or promise ring:

Which finger is meant for this ring?

The couple ring is exchanged between a couple and they can wear the ring in any finger on either hand. The cultural notion is that some people decide to wear this ring on their left ring finger. But, some use to wear it on the right ring finger just to not confuse with it as an engagement ring.

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What Do Couple Rings Look Like?

Usually, the couple or promise ring looks smaller and less extravagant than the engagement ring. The couple rings are often made of precious metals such as diamond, gold, platinum, etc. Many of the couple rings feature gemstones too. These gemstones are a little smaller and less obvious than the gemstones which are used in engagement rings. There are several varieties of diamonds and gemstones’ couple rings which include this tapered baguette ring and this sapphire heart king.

There are many couples of rings designed as Cladding rings. This design is an Irish traditional design that looks like a heart held by two hands and a crown which represents love, loyalty, and friendship.

When and How to Give A Couple Ring?

While giving a couple couple rings is not as daunting as giving an engagement ring. Generally, the ring is given on a special occasion or any important moment. There are not any rules for giving a couple of rings to your partner. These couple rings can be given at the moment during a relationship. For some people, the timeline is faster, so they exchange the couple ring early in the relationship.

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Overall, the couple rings are a visible sign of the commitment of love and relationship between couples.

When you are thinking to exchange the couple rings with your partner, you do not need to organize any engagement party or anything. You can just exchange the rings at the place where you are dating each-other. Instead of this, many people exchange rings on Valentine’s Day, birthday, etc.

The Difference between Couple Rings and Purity Rings

While the terms “couple ring” and “purity ring” are used distinctly, they also signify two different meanings and represent two different commitments.

Purity rings are symbolized as a commitment to abstinence until marriage. Purity ring also symbolizes purity in a relationship which means not to have sex until marriage. Sterling silver rings are generally given as purity rings with an engraved message.

The couple ring is a modern concept and there are not any rules and procedures like purity rings. But this ring is also a symbol of love. There is not any offense to make a physical relationship while wearing this ring.

 Some of the Best Couple Rings

There are several designs of the couple ring and it depends on you. There is a list of some great quality couple rings in different styles, gemstones, and settings.

  • Couple Rings
  • Cushion-Cut Halo Ring
  • Floral Bouquet Ring
  • Sculpted Flower Ring
  • Sterling Silver Amethyst Rope Ring
  • Oval Tanzanite Designer Ring
  • Petite Emerald Diamond Ring

Where to Buy Couple Rings?

As people know a couple of rings are an expensive ring and it is significant for the whole life. So, when you are planning to buy rings for couple, you must approach a trusty vendor who will provide a good quality of the product.

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So, these are some of the key facts and ideas about a couple of rings. It also talks about many types of couple rings, its looks, structure, etc. Couple rings are a little different from Purity Rings. Thus, the couple rings make many relations per year and people are having a joyful life.